Tenterfield Terrier Club of NSW Inc.

Pointscore Competition Rules



  • You must be a FULL financial member of the TTCNSW Inc. prior to day of show to participate.

  • Competition year will run from 1st January and conclude 24th December.

  • This competition is only open to Pedigree Registered Tenterfield Terriers.

  • Dogs MUST reside and be exhibited within NSW.


There are 3 Categories:      

  1. Junior - exhibit must be aged no less than 3mths & no older than 18 mths.

  2. Open - 3 months and over.

  3. Neuter - 3mths & over. Both dogs & bitches combined.


Junior Pointscore: the exhibit may only enter classes Baby Puppy 1 & 1A, Minor 2 & 2A, Puppy 3 & 3A, Junior 4 & 4A.

If an exhibit reaches age of 18mths during the pointscore year, the points accumulated will remain on the Junior Pointscore ladder as a “final total”. All points gained after that age (18mths) will not be counted in the Junior Pointscore but will go towards the Open Pointscore.


  • An exhibit may compete in each competition section.


  • Eligible shows for the Pointscore will include every All-Breed Championship Show, Specialty, Open & Group Championship show that caters for every breed in the group Show held anywhere in NSW.

  • Only the highest eligible award per exhibit per Show will be counted for each competition section.

  • Only Tenterfield Specialty Shows held in NSW will be eligible for pointscore.

  • A Tenterfield National Show regardless of which state it is held in, will be eligible for Pointscore.

  • Points are NOT accumulative at a single show.

  • Points will be recorded upon receipt by Pointscore Keeper and will NOT be backdated

  • Only the best 30 results (point’s value) will be selected from the results that are submitted.

Allocation of Points




  • If 2 or more dogs are equal in results on the Pointscore ladder then a count back of the dogs with the most number of Challenge Points for the said fixtures will be deemed the winner. If after this count, then it shall be deemed a Draw. 


Combined Interstate Competition 

  • 1 Category only: Open -  3mths & over - Dogs, Bitches, Neuters Combined.

  • Financial Members of TTCNSW residing in any state other than NSW are eligible to compete in the Combined Interstate Point Score.

  • Up to six of the best results won at Championship Shows for the 1st January until 24th December will count for this competition.

  • All shows to be counted must be held within any other state other than NSW.

  • The “Six Best Show Results” and must include FULL breed results and a copy of catalogue where possible to be forwarded to the Point Score Keeper by the 24th December.  Progressive results may be sent beforehand or all at once.

  • A Tenterfield National Show regardless of in whichever state it is held in will be eligible to be counted as one of the “Six Best Show Results” for Interstate Pointscore

  • However, it is not necessary to have competed in 6 shows to be eligible for this award, only that all best results up to a total of 6 be submitted.

  • To be eligible as a competitor, all Rules pertaining to the competition must be complied with.


Submitting Results  

  • Results can be submitted online through the link on club web site  www.ttclubnswcom.au  OR via email to pointscore@ttclubnsw.com

  • Result recording requires the Name of Show, Date, Judge, Owner, Dog Name & DOB and Awards. This must be received by the Pointscore Keeper within 7 days of a show and cannot be backdated. NO EXCEPTIONS

  • It is up to the individual to check their points for correctness. Any errors or omissions should be immediately notified for correction. Changes will not be made outside the 7-day limit. The integrity of the Pointscore relies greatly on the honesty of the person submitting the results.

  • The pointscore keeper is to report to the Editor & Web Administrator with updates to be printed in Newsletter and posted on Club Website.



  • If a dog or owner/handler (including part owners) is suspended by any ANKC affiliated state Canine Association, we reserve the right to disqualify the Dog/Owner/Handler from the competition.

  • The committee of the TTCNSW Inc. reserve the right to alter these rules at any time without individual notice to you. The decisions of the TTCNSW Inc. (including interpretation of the Rules) are final and no correspondence will be entered into.

  • Whilst all care is taken, the TTCNSW Inc. assumes No Liability or Responsibility for any errors or omissions that may occur in this competition.

  • By submitting an entry to the Pointscore Competition, you indicate your acceptance and understanding of these Rules.

  • Entry is FREE for TTCNSW Members.

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Best in Group

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Best of Breed

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